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MEET CUTE: Hopeless Romantic Living Vicariously Through Fictional Characters

As an avid television and movie analogy gal, my favorite type of story is the love story. But not the tragic kind; I’m adamant that a couple’s road to love land cannot be easy—predictable maybe—yet never easy.

Meet Cute is the story device typically used to set up romantic relationships depicted on television (scripted) and in movies. It plays out in the ‘will they or won’t they’, ‘boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl’ scenario with the occasional familial and friendly relationship thrown in for good measure.

The Meet Cute blog will focus on key romantic entanglements on television and in movies. For television series, I focus on storylines where the potential for a love connection is strong; I’ll also offer my opinion on why certain meet cute movie set-ups work for me or not.

These blog musings are truly an ode to romantic love. And an observation on the tension that builds when two characters, who are clearly meant to be together, have to struggle through various obstacles – of their own-making or by outside forces.  There are many ways to play it, and it’s always love Hollywood style!


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  1. Love it Kelbel!!!

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