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A Love Letter to My FRINGE Family

By K. Haley

As the final chapter of our beloved FRINGE is upon us, kicking off with the excellent premiere episode “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” and the strong character-driven second installment, “In Absentia”, I am experiencing mixed emotions.  One part of me is over the moon that FRINGE is back. While the other part of me is depressed because soon, I will have to bid adieu to characters I’ve grown to love.

Of course, you always feel sad when you lose your favorite television show, so my sadness at losing FRINGE is no surprise.  What has come as a surprise to me is that I will miss all of you, my fellow Fringies.  A group of terrifically smart, funny and caring people who have made my FRINGE experience so much more rich.

The FRINGE online community has given me a place to hang out, socialize and share ideas.  At times, I felt a bit silly because of my obsession with Fringe; after all, I’m a grown woman (over 37 years). Grown women don’t obsess over a TV show, let alone a science fiction one.  But then I met you, a group people who shared my passion and obsession for FRINGE.  I realized that I wasn’t alone in the world.  I had discovered this amazing world where discussing a television show was the point – and the fun of it all.

How did I find this awesome community?  I ran across a ‘recap’ of FRINGE on one of my favorite sites, Entertainment Weekly, which spurred me to go deeper.  So, I Googled Fringe and to my utter delight, I found what would soon became my neighborhood. I found,, and other television and sci-fi oriented sites. Having found these spaces, I began to leave comments that got responses, most of them positive.  Encouraged by this recognition, I took to Twitter and found Fringies all over including series executive producer Joel Wyman and series actors Josh Jackson, Jasika Nicole, John Noble and the magnificent editor Ari Margolis.

I have read some incredible and thought-provoking reviews and observations, funny recaps, as well as a few mean-spirited ones during my time as part of this community.  Standouts for me include Roco over at Seriable and Fringebloggers, Darko, Aimee Long, Josie Kafka over at and most recently Mary & Louise at,  as well as Marisa Roffman at and Doc Jenson at (Entertainment Weekly’s site).  I also listen to podcasts: “The Fringe Podcast” and “Fringe Benefits Inc. (F.B.I.)”.

I know our relationship doesn’t have to end after the 13th episode airs. There are other shows to watch and discuss. I can still check in with Roco to talk about REVOLUTION and PERSON OF INTEREST; and while I really like these shows, I’m not passionate about them. Maybe it’s because they haven’t (at least not yet) produced that sense of shared purpose, the ‘us against the world’ feeling which permeates FRINGE (and XFiles).  A purpose that creates strong relationships between the characters (romantic, familial, friendly)—XFiles had Scully and Mulder and FRINGE has Olivia and Peter, Peter and Walter, Walter and Olivia and Walter and Astrid.

As both Wyman (Fringe’s executive producer and showrunner) and Jeff Pickner (former Fringe executive producer and showrunner) have said, ‘FRINGE is really a family drama disguised as science fiction’ and I agree. But the family extends beyond the one we see on television.  The Fringe family includes over 3 million of us who come together on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis to critique, praise and postulate, but most importantly, to share our love for a little television show that came into our lives almost five years ago.

As I come to the end of my FRINGE-watching journey, I’m going to savor every moment with my beloved TV show and most of all, my online community.

Thank you FRINGIES for welcoming me into this awesome family!

FRINGE Fridays Rule!!!!


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4 thoughts on “A Love Letter to My FRINGE Family

  1. This was very nicely written. I also started in the community by googling and finding sites such as Of course, then came Fringenuity and Fringepedia, any way I could get more information…or pictures, thanks to I would leave comments here and there, especially at Hulu…until Hulu changed and people started being rude. Then I started my own blog so I didn’t have to read it. Eventually I found the largest community on Twitter and have had a wonderful time.

    There are very few shows I’ve loved so much that I sit mesmerized with every episode, every word. Fewer still that I search out others because I need to share that love. But Fringe is the rarest of the rare. I think about it constantly. The peformances are the most believable I’ve seen in anything in my life, characters the most sympathetic, and story the most emotional. And the superb actors are criminally underappreciated by those who disregard science fiction. 

    But I’ll not rant about that again here. I’ve done so much of it, all useless. Instead I’ll say I will miss this show tremendously, but Twitter will at least keep all of us Fringies in touch. I’m sure we will be reminiscing about this beautiful triumph of television until we’re old and grey.

  2. Melissa on said:

    I am an over 40 mom who is “obsessed” with Fringe. Grown women passionate about good stories unite!

    • Indeed . . . Thanks for the support. I actually obsessed over the Xfiles as well, but never had a community to share it with. I’m having loads of fun. By the way, I’ve over 40 too. 🙂

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